Prague fell asleep (reading for 3 mins)

Good night Prague, you, the beuty of overfull streets and noisy weekends nights. It just came like a bolt from the blue. Like a taking a nap after big lunch. You used to be tired, busy, overfull and almost lost your face of our home.

20. 03. 2020

5 reasons why winter is best! (reading for 2 min.)

Thats winter. Coats, scarves, sales, exhibitions and quiet streets. Night calm finally becomes in real. But there is much more to try to live in Prague in this deadly days.

15. 01. 2020

Christmas in Prague (reading for 3 min.)

What to do during Christmas time and still keep calm? Stay at home, in bed and buy Christmas presents online. But then you ‘ll miss the best of this winter time. Let’s discover what does Prague offer to you during Christmas.

09. 12. 2019