Travelling Full Circle

Do you also sometimes feel that you have returned to square one? Or – that you are spinning in circles? Journeys of discovery meander and test us. When mulling over a glass of wine in an empty flat without even a wardrobe and with only a stick of butter in the fridge, a person easily starts to think about what these years of travel brought, what it means to explore life in other countries and when a person will “finally arrive” home. But understand me well – this isn’t mere whinging. Or maybe it is a bit…?

17. 09. 2018

A great city whose glory touches the stars …

I am twelve years old, with high expectations, I am biting a schnitzel on the bus and my grandmother, a little nervous, is opening a bottle of plum brandy. We are going to Prague! For the first time, the real, big world where all the famous singers, actors and simply people who are something live. Can they see at a glance that I'm from Moravia? What if we get lost? And does my grandmother know how to go by metro?

13. 07. 2018