5 reasons why winter is best! (reading for 2 min.)

Thats winter. Coats, scarves, sales, exhibitions and quiet streets. Night calm finally becomes in real. But there is much more to try to live in Prague in this deadly days.

15. 01. 2020

Christmas in Prague (reading for 3 min.)

What to do during Christmas time and still keep calm? Stay at home, in bed and buy Christmas presents online. But then you ‘ll miss the best of this winter time. Let’s discover what does Prague offer to you during Christmas.

09. 12. 2019

Summer Prague (reading for 4 min.)

The sun is rising early and is slamming the solid shapes of the more than one thousand towers of Prague. It is playing hide-and-seek with the shadows in the tiny, narrow streets of the Old Town. Your eyes are filled with romance as a new day rises over Prague. Either you are an early bird or a crowd avoider, you know that during the day you will have to fight the crowds and heat. Whether you have had a heavy dinner or you are just a light sleeper, getting up at dawn is worth enjoying.

11. 08. 2019