5 reasons why winter is best! (reading for 2 min.)

15. 01. 2020

Thats winter. Coats, scarves, sales, exhibitions and quiet streets. Night calm finally becomes in real. But there is much more to try to live in Prague in this deadly days.

Temperature drops below 10°C, the same like price of lunch menu or price of accommodation – you can stay in Prague per minimum budget. The prices are the lowest of the year.


✔️ Neverending chrismas crowds has definitely finished. Lets go to street! Finally you can walk through the streets.

✔️ SALE! SALE! SALE! Everywhere. So why wait?

✔️ Temperature is low. Price of accommodation is low. Both of them the lowest of the year. So for the best price you get comfortable standart.

✔️ Are you cold outside? The galleries are heated to an ideal 25 ° C. So you warm up culturally.

✔️ Calm and peace. During the day and night, at midnight. Noise froze somewhere in the clouds, here in the streets of Prague is perhaps the only part of the year, where even at night no one goes crazy.

Neiter you! Don't go crazy and don't wait! And also make a notice:

✏️...Czech Press Photo in Old Town Hall till 30.1.

✏️...Jiří David in DOX gallery till 30.3. “I'm here.”

✏️...We back to life our mind, riot in the air in year 1989, National Gallery till 16.2.

✏️...Wenceslaus Hollar and the art of drawing till 23.2.

✏️...R.I.P. Bořek Šípek, artist who still alive in his exhibition "Retrospect" in Dancing House till 22.3.