Prague fell asleep (reading for 3 mins)

20. 03. 2020

Good night Prague, you, the beuty of overfull streets and noisy weekends nights. It just came like a bolt from the blue. Like a taking a nap after big lunch. You used to be tired, busy, overfull and almost lost your face of our home.

March ends and you're sleeping, Prague. Rules and government restrictions covered you. The blanket of calmness, peace and lonely mood. But also like in fairytale, the Sleeping Beauty was fated to be woken up.


Everybody wants to know when. Nervous residents under media pressure, tourists from whole world don't know what's gonna happen with their reservation. What about trip to Prague, what has been planed? Will they say 'Hello Prague' one day? Worries, such a human characteristic. But mainly tourists can keep calm. Because after that, we can expect the lowest prices ever. And everybody´ll offer the best. So vacation in summer Prague will be worth it. So it's nothing to worry about, Prague just needs to get a second wind.

One day we will tell our grandchildren this story: " And then your grandpa and I opened a window in the apartment near by Old Town Square on Friday night. And do you know what we heard? QUIET. And who we saw? NOBODY. No tourists it the streets, Old Town was calm. The calm of Friday night, which, our dear grandchildren, probably will never have a chance to experience.“ And then, history has begun to write - before and after Corona.