Summer Prague (reading for 4 min.)

11. 08. 2019

The sun is rising early and is slamming the solid shapes of the more than one thousand towers of Prague. It is playing hide-and-seek with the shadows in the tiny, narrow streets of the Old Town. Your eyes are filled with romance as a new day rises over Prague. Either you are an early bird or a crowd avoider, you know that during the day you will have to fight the crowds and heat. Whether you have had a heavy dinner or you are just a light sleeper, getting up at dawn is worth enjoying.

It’s seven o'clock in the morning and I’m taking away a cup of coffee from Dobrá Trafika at Újezd, a cult place where students and artists debate, and not only during the exam period! I'm heading up the hill towards the sun, up Petřín Hill. I have no special other half to kiss under the apple tree. However, I still feel the magic moment anyway. It's because Prague loves. Prague loves and is loved, this old lady already knows what life is. I’m walking around the statue of one of the most famous Czech romantic poets, Karel Hynek Mácha, and he has eternally carved romance into Petřín Hill. There is no better place for romance than here! I smile at him and he also looks at me! Now, I remember one of the thousands of reasons why Prague is magical. It is said that it is because there are many places of energy, with a direct connection to the universe. You know what, let's try one of these that is located on Petřín Hill It is at the very top, just before entering Nerudova Street. The place is secret, few people know about it, although there is a stone which palms are carved on. Is that humility felt throughout the universe? Like a hotline to another planet?


I stop, hug a metre and a half tall stone and close my eyes. I don't think of anything as the sun is covering me like a golden cloak in the morning. Furthermore, I don't think of anything strange in this warm embrace (even though it is only a stone!). I don't care about how others are looking at me here during this moment, I don't even contemplate how the young and restless zombie survivors from yesterday's party can disturb me on this early morning. Air penetrates my lungs through my nose with the scent of grass and flowers. Under the closed lids, I imagine the light and dark planets of the universe. A stream of bright lava flows into my mind spontaneously. I'm getting a headache. I move away from the stone and try to collect my thoughts.


My gosh! An esoteric minute has passed away! I carry on my jorney, leaving Petřín gardens and soon my footsteps are the only thing that is disturbing the unearthly calm of Prague Castle Square. I'm looking for the guards, but they're not here! Did you know that these hunks start at nine? I feel proud that I'm already on my feet much earlier than they. I arrive at Prague's most famous viewpoint. It feels like I’ve been here a thousand times and it is always astonishing. So, is this beauty? There are no crowds of tourists this morning, I don't even have to buy overpriced water, yes, it's worth missing the tourist traps here. It is beautiful on the steps down from Prague Castle, it makes me skip down enjoying every step as go being swept along by  the speed of movement. I expect to go head over heels any minute, but no, I ‘ve skipped down to Lesser Town Square! I'm thinking of going one stop to Malostranská, however, I say to myself, no! Everywhere in Prague is only a short walk away, moreover, every step counts. What more of an effective way to burn the calories of a slimming diet yhan seeing the sights of Prague. Furthermore, it’s free! While checking my step count on my Apple watch I head over to the Old Town Square from Lesser Town Square. It's about 9am and Prague is getting up.


I was completely awake a long time ago, the sun is starting to warm up and I am looking forward to jumping on the No. 3 tram at the Jindřišská tram stop. The reason why? The yellow stripe on the side indicates that is has the magical air conditioning. This kind of tram is not usual in Prague, which is not the answer to the 21st century, but one should enjoy the small things in life, but when you come across an air-conditioned tram in Prague, it seems like such a small miracle of the day. It only takes half an hour to the Kublov stop and I hope it will not be like an inferno outside. I have decided to spend the hot day at the most popular swimming pool in Prague - Podolí. I find the desired shade here, as there not so many people on weekdays. I am surrounded by madly unhealthy fast-food meals, but the pools and hot tubs seem so damn fresh in the 30 degree shade. I bathe and do nothing until late afternoon. Then a new world opens up.


Prague World in the evening. I go sunbathing, snuggled and relaxed from the swimming pool. The sun has not given up today, it shines on my way along the Vltava River, along the cycle path – my destination ‘Náplavka’. It is the trendiest summer place in Prague. As I approach I can hear the chirping of lovers, artists, sizzling sausages. All who are in the know include a summer Prague evening at Náplavka. Even today there is a concert and I know that I will not stay for only one beer. I order my first on the boat Avoid, directly under the railway bridge and then sit on the bank of the Vltava. I'm thinking of having dinner tonight at one of the hundreds of beer-gardens that spring up every year from May to Autumn on Prague's streets.


The best thing of a beautiful summer in Prague is that Prague does not go to sleep. However, if you do fall asleep on a bench then the best spot is at the very top of ‘Riegrovy Sady’ park, because the first thing you will see in the morning is the monumental view of Prague, if you exclude the active dog walker, even though this is just a momentary lapse. Prague will not let you sleep in the summer, because you don’t want to waste a single minute for these moments. Nevertheless, you can lie down for a while to collect your thoughts about the pleasant summer day in Prague we have just spent together. The metropolis is already up about at this time and is ready to open its arms round you just as you open your eyes.