Christmas in Prague (reading for 3 min.)

09. 12. 2019

What to do during Christmas time and still keep calm? Stay at home, in bed and buy Christmas presents online. But then you ‘ll miss the best of this winter time. Let’s discover what does Prague offer to you during Christmas.

It’s already coming.

You can feel it in the air. You can see it on tram stops. You walk around it in supermarkets. It’s lighting notification in your calendar. It’s everywhere outside, althought the dark comes so early in these days. Even dark is the best for it, because it becames charming after dark. So many lights and glitters are shinning like a diamons on the sky. Yes it has begun. You know it.

Christmas time

First of all, do not visit shopping center. There you can except only crows and boring busy persons. No, we will go strictly outside from it.

Best start meeting point is Florenc, so let’s start right here. Manifesto Winter Market Florenc, it’s nice to come and warm up in the heated bubbles, cosy transparent igloos for your meetings with friends, shop and taste. From 20 bistros and 50 design everybody gets what wants.

For now we want more from Christmas Prague! Thats why we’re walking 15 minutes to Old Town Square. The most famous place ever, expensive hot wine, musical concert around and Christmas tree that flashes every half hour. What the best of it? That it ´s soo close to Ovocný trh, there is the ice-ring, you can easily borrow ice skates and enjoy a lot of fun amons historical center. After a several crashes, but still happy we ‘re going to Wenceslas Square, dark is coming and Wenceslas Square is looking so pretty in this dress code, full of glitters. You wanna touch the lights and fly. But you know what? You can! Let’s visit Roof of Lucerna, from Friday till Sunday is open for public with advent atmosphere, for everybody who wants to have Prague on the top of the finger, plus you ‘ll get hot wine or hot apple juice free! 

Free of charge is also atmosphere of Christmas Prague. So discover, enjoy and keep calm and merry! Btw there is no other way how to do it in Prague! ;)

✏️ Make a notice!

✔️ Do you like your Christmas dressed in design? Than visit Winter Dyzajn Market, 14. - 15. December. The second edition of the sale exhibition of designer’s products, clothes, accessories, toys, decorations and more will take place at the Prague Exhibition Grounds.

✔️ Will you stay till New Year? So don ´t miss New Year biggest city event, but this year it´s gonna be different, safe animals and Prague air, thats why instead the fireworks it ´s gonna be the projection. But promise, it will be worth it!